When is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

Replacing your windows can make a world of difference in your home. Not only will the installation of replacement windows give your home a cosmetic facelift, but you will notice remarkable savings on energy costs year-round. However, many people find it difficult to know when it's time to begin replacing the windows in their home, and most times, a visual inspection from the outside of your home is not enough to make your decision. It is also important to note that windows on one side of your home may need replacing more often than windows on the other side of your house, as one side of your home may be more exposed to certain weather conditions that can lead to deterioration of windows. Once your windows begin to show certain sure signs of age or damage, you will want to start thinking about replacement windows.

Window Performance

One of the first things to consider when deciding whether or not to replace your windows is overall window performance. Difficulty opening and closing your windows is one very obvious indication of old or damaged windows that need to be replaced, but there are other tests that can be done to check the performance of your windows as well. Place your hands on the interior window pane. If your windows feel cold in the winter or warm in the summer, they are not insulating your home properly and it may be time to have those windows replaced. You should also not feel air flowing in through any cracks on or around your windows, nor should you see any frost or condensation. If you do see a buildup of the two, poor insulation is not the only problem you have to worry about. Frost and condensation mean extra moisture, which can ultimately lead to rotting frames and even a buildup of mold that can become dangerous to you and your family’s health. In checking for moisture, you can also light a candle and “trace” the outline of the window from the inside of your home. If the flame flickers at any point in the process, it is a sign of a draft.

Window Aesthetics

In addition to performance, you will also want to take note of the overall aesthetics of your windows. If your windows seem outdated, don't match the rest of your house, or if you simply don't like the look of them any longer, it is time to consider replacement windows. In addition to unsightly appearance, any marks you notice on our around windows may be a sign of even bigger problems. Look for any glass that may be cracked, chipped or water stained. Also take note of trim that is rotted, chipped, or even missing.

If you think your windows are ready for an update and need more information, the best step to take is contacting Pittsburgh replacement window experts, like the ones at Legacy, to help you. A replacement window consultant will be able to show you exactly where you're losing energy, as well as give you an estimate for how much it would be to replace your windows.