When I speak with our customers about their upcoming remodeling plans there are many reasons that come up as to why they are doing a particular project. Whether its new windows for efficiency or vinyl siding for a low maintenance exterior, the answers are as varied as the types of projects.

However, when I speak with them about why they selected Legacy... the answer is astoundingly consistent. By a large margin, our customers choose us because they feel comfortable working with us. They trust us. The reasons for the trust vary, just like the reasons for doing a particular project. Some people trust us because we were referred to them by a friend, relative or manufacturer, some people like that we have 25 years in business or that we carry a large number of manufacturers' certifications, but the underlying reason for using Legacy is that they believe in our ability to do the job right and to stand by the project later if any problems arise.

The idea that there are so many people for who trust is most important brings me back to the title of this particular blog... "know what you are buying when you remodel." Are you simply buying a commodity? Twelve hundred square feet of siding? Eighteen hundred square feet of roofing? Or are you buying something more when you select a company to do a project for you?

If you are just looking for a certain amount of product then it seems that price should be the number one driver. If however you want to make sure that the product you buy performs right over time, if you want to feel comfortable that it was expertly installed and that any problems will be handled, then clearly price cant be the most important thing.

Buying a remodeling project is not like buying a car. When you buy a car, you can look for the lowest price knowing that if problems arise later there are countless other dealers and mechanics who would be happy to service the make and model that you buy. However most home improvement companies are not in the business of servicing other people's work. Rather, remodeling companies prefer to do the entire job so that they know it is all done correctly. If a contractor replaces a roof incorrectly, it is hard to find a company who will then correct that work without just redoing the entire job. The reason for this is simple, in the eyes of most homeowners, once a company does work on their home, they own that project and all of the responsibility that comes with that, including future services which may not even be related to the repair they made. As a remodeler, I would not want to fix a leaking roof for fear that future leaks will become my responsibility. I would prefer just to replace the whole thing and know that it was done right and won't leak.

For this reason, it is very important to know exactly what you are buying when you spend money on remodeling work. Are you buying just the product, or are you buying a long term relationship with a company who will warrant and service what they sell? As a remodeling company, our goal is to provide our customers with good value, but not necessarily the lowest price. To me, value means a good return on what people spend with us. That means good products, proper installation and a company that answers your phone calls years after the job is already done. If this is what you are looking for, then Legacy is the answer. If however your primary focus is on the lowest price, then you should be sure to carefully heed the age old warning of "buyer beware." What feels like a bargain may in fact be the most expensive option if you have to do it twice!