Each year Qualified Remodeler Magazine issues their Top 500 list of the largest home improvement companies in the United States. For over a decade, this list has included Legacy Remodeling. This year is no different, in the recently released 2011 Top 500 list, Legacy Remodeling is listed as number 175. This means that out of all of the companies involved in performing home improvements across the country, from replacement windows and siding, to kitchens or room additions, Legacy is the 175th largest company by volume.Top 500

This is quite an accomplishment when you consider just how many companies and individuals there are in our industry. There are quite literally hundreds of thousands of people, from sole proprietors to large corporations performing projects that span dozens of specialties.

However, as proud as I am to be able to say that Legacy is one of the largest companies in the home improvement industry, I believe the even greater accomplishment is the consistency of this effort. What I mean by this is the fact that year in and year out, for as far back as I could find, Legacy has been on this list. In the cabinet behind my desk I keep all of the recognitions that Legacy has received over the years. Among these awards is a pile of Qualified Remodeler magazines going back for years. The oldest of these is the September 2000 issue. At that time, Legacy was listed as the 341st largest remodeling company in the United States.

Over this 11 year period of time, many companies have come and gone. Some have moved up the list like Legacy, a lot of others have simply disappeared. The home improvement contracting business is a hyper competitive environment where 96% of businesses fail within the first 2 years according to the Small Business Administration. Therefore, for a business to be able to last 25 years in this industry and to be recognized on a national level for over a decade is a difficult task indeed.

This stability and reliability is one of the things about Legacy that I am most proud of. This has translated into peace of mind and quality service for our customers. When we do work for someone, we always include our century warranty. Part of this warranty includes a lifetime no service charge policy on window and door products that supports the manufacturer's material warranty. Because we have been able to continue to thrive in the remodeling business, those customers who trusted Legacy 10 or 20 years ago, are still able to receive service on their products.