As the owner and President of Legacy Remodeling, I am often very proud of my company and the great job the people who work here do. However I recently had something really special occur that took this to a whole new level for me. At the end of April, I was honored by the Pittsburgh Business Times as one of the recipients of their prestigious Diamond Award which is given to the region's top CEOs and Presidents of companies. There are 3 categories, one for large for-profit businesses, one for small for-profit businesses and one for non-profits.

When I attended the awards presentation at Phipps Conservatory, I was really impressed with the accomplishments of the other winners, from the President of UPMC Shadyside to the owner of Wendell August Forge, these were very successful people who did a tremendous job of managing their businesses. As I sat in the audience waiting to be receive my award, I found myself wondering what exactly I had done to be given the same level of recognition as these brilliant individuals. Then as I listened to each of them speak, I knew exactly what we all had in common. It was that we all had the great privilege of running organizations where the people who work for us consistently go above and beyond for our customers and for our companies.

In each and every case as the person accepting their award stood and spoke at the podium, they went through the various ways that their company could not be successful without great people. In the case of Legacy Remodeling, this could not be more true. The recognition that I received for my accomplishments was really a reflection of what many people who work here accomplished by their hard work and dedication. Our marketing people who work hard to find us new business, our remodeling consultants who spend countless hours working to help people to plan their project and our installers and production staff who deliver a consistently great product all deserve this recognition. Equally important is our great management staff who will bend over backwards to keep clients happy. Without all of these great people, Legacy would not be the top home remodeling company in Pittsburgh.

Legacy Company Photo The Remodeling Experts at Legacy Remodeling

To all of these people, I want to say "Thank you." This award is all of ours.

In the very difficult and competitive home improvement business, it is these people that make Legacy different than all of the rest. If you are considering windows or an addition or any of the other projects we do, please feel confident that by working with Legacy you will not only be working with a top quality, award winning company, but you will also be working with a group of people who I truly believe is the best team of people in Pittsburgh for helping people to improve their homes.