Each Spring in the first half of March the David L Lawrence Convention center hosts the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show. This event is the largest of its type in the area, both in terms of the number of vendors as well as the number of attendee's. This 10 day event for all intents and purposes is the "kick off" for the spring home improvement season in Pittsburgh. Hundreds of companies will pour into the convention center displaying everything from windows and doors to decks, additions, siding, garden products, insulation and kitchen products and anything else you can think of. Many of these businesses will offer aggressive specials at the show in an effort to generate maximum interest from customers.

Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show Legacy Staff Member at a Recent Home Show

Hundreds of thousands of people will visit the show in order to get information on projects they are considering or maybe just to escape the cabin fever brought on by months of snow and cold. By the end of the show companies will have made preliminary contact with the customers who will keep many of them busy for the coming months. A few weeks after that, as winter melts into spring in late march, saws will begin to buzz and hammers pound as the first work from this event gets underway across the area. New energy efficient windows and doors will be installed along with thousands of other home improvements. This happens each year, and with the economy slowly recovering, many are counting on this event to jump start their business for 2011.

Remodeling companies typically slow down significantly through the winter months as consumers focus on the holidays and are generally kept inside by the bad weather. For this reason, customers who are willing to move forward with a project in the winter months may be able to negotiate better prices on projects than what companies will offer later in the year. In many cases, the Home and Garden Show is effectively the last opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity as many companies will no longer be willing to negotiate as aggressively once business picks up.

If you are considering doing home improvements this year, then now is the time to begin looking for a company to do the work. Companies are hungry right now and in order to keep employee's working and busy, a savvy consumer can find themselves in the drivers seat as they negotiate. As the economy continues recovering the home improvement industry is poised for several years of growth, (The Harvard University Joint Center for Housing predicts a strong growth year for the industry) this means that the increased demand for high quality remodeling firms will eliminate some of the discounts that can currently be found. With this in mind, right now many not only be the best time to buy remodeling work this year, it may be the best time in the next few years.