With the holiday season now behind us, the kids are headed back to school and life can begin to return to normal. We have almost a full year before we have to venture back into the malls hunting for that perfect gift, for now the shopping is all done. Almost. Now that we are officially in 2011 and heading towards spring, home improvement projects are back on people's minds and although its cold outside, this is the perfect time to plan any projects you hope to complete in 2011.

With the rush to meet the Dec 31 deadline for the 2010 federal tax credit for Pittsburgh replacement windows, doors, HVAC, attic insulation and other qualified projects now past us, many companies are looking for new business and are willing to offer incentives for customers who place orders now. This opportunity will not last long however since good companies will quickly pick up the business they need to keep busy.

AttiCat Installation Atticat Being Installed

In addition to being able to take advantage of better pricing now, depending on what company you work with, customers will also be able to go to the head of the line for installations because most companies don't have their normal backlog of work right now. For this reason a home improvement customer in January will see shorter times from when they place their order to the installation of that order that what would be expected in March or April.

Since companies can often turn these orders faster at this time of year, a customer who makes an investment in upgrading their home's energy efficiency will also reap the added benefit of being able to see energy savings before winters cold gives way to springs more moderate temperatures. For those individuals who are looking for added comfort from these types of home improvements, January is an excellent time to find a great deal.

One of the factors which drives home improvement sales in the Springtime in Pittsburgh is the prevalence of home improvement related home shows. From the second week in January through May there are a large number of events for people to attend to see the various offerings and where they can learn about the companies who offer these sorts of products. If you are able to make it to the earlier events, those in January and February, there will be great opportunities to buy high quality products and to work with great companies at prices that will not be seen later in the year.

In short, if you are planning home improvements this year, the best time to start looking is now. While companies are thrilled to have business at any time of the year, right now is the off season. Right around the corner though is the busiest time of the year. Whether you are someone who has all their Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving, or someone like me who does it all in the week before the holiday, the right time to start thinking about windows, siding, roofing, your kitchen or even a new deck for 2011, is now.