While it is obvious that good windows make a big difference in the winter, many people are unaware that this applies in the summer in much the same way. When a home has leaky, inefficient windows, the air conditioner has to work much harder to maintain the set temperature, costing energy and money.

Recently we have had a string of 90+ degree days that have kept many people's air conditioners humming all day long. However many of those units are working much harder than they need to be. By installing new replacement windows with high efficiency glass with low e coatings and argon gas fill, a homeowner can not only save themselves significant money, but they can also extend the life of their air conditioner.

New Energy Efficient Windows Energy Efficient Replacement Windows in Mt. Lebanon

Here in Pittsburgh, we live in a temperate area, meaning that we experience both very cold weather in the winter as well as very hot summers. Due to this, when a homeowner installs windows in this area, it is important to select a product that performs well year round. To meet the minimum government requirements, this means glass with a u-value (this is the reciprocal of the R value) of less than or equal to .30 as well a SHGC (this the solar heat gain co-efficient which measures how much the sunlight is allowed to warm your home) of less than or equal to .30. This however is the bare minimum. With the extreme weather we have seen in recent years, I believe that a homeowner can maximize their savings by utilizing high quality triple pane windows.

If you would like to learn more about how upgrading your windows can contribute to year round energy efficiency, consider speaking further with Legacy Remodeling about how these products would impact your energy use.