There are many types of companies in the remodeling industry. Small businesses, large businesses, companies that are affiliated with manufacturers, mom and pop operations, etc. The ways to differentiate among the millions of companies in this industry are endless. Two categories that are frequently used are "specialty remodeler" and "full line" remodeling. That difference is what I want to discuss today.

A specialty remodeler is a company that focuses on a limited number of offerings, windows, siding and doors for example. By contrast a full line remodeler is a company that can meet virtually any home improvement need. My business, Legacy Remodeling, started out 24 years ago as a specialty remodeling company, Swing Line Windows. Initially we offered windows only, then as previous customers called us looking for assistance with other projects, we cautiously expanded our offerings to include roofing and siding. As time moved on, we added other offerings, including finished basements, sunrooms, kitchens, decks, porch roofs and ultimately additions.

This evolution has taken us many years and is the result of a lot of satisfied customers and much hard work. What I want to make clear however is that as we evolved to a full line business that offered many services, we have been very careful not to allow a broader scope to result in lower quality. In other words, Legacy is no less an expert in windows today than we were when we were Swing Line, in fact we are still expert at that and now, much much more.

When looking for a company to perform work on your home, I believe that it is worthwhile to consider a company's capabilities on the whole. Although most people do not realize this, our homes are systems that interact. Roofing ventilation, the R-value of the windows, the HVAC system, attic insulation these and many other aspects of homes all affect each other and ultimately our comfort and costs as we live in them.

By selecting a full service company that handles a wide variety of projects you will accomplish several things. First, if you are satisfied with the work and service you receive, you will have found a company that you can have a long term relationship with. When you consider all the pitfalls surrounding finding a contractor, having one that you trust available to you can be very helpful. Secondly, if a company has worked on your home multiple times they get to know your home. Projects can be planned in advance, even if all the work is not done at once, by having a company that can help you with various projects you can develop a master plan of sorts. Lastly, by working with a company with a wide range of skills, you provide yourself with a level of protection should the unseen arise. For example if you hire someone to replace your siding and they discover termite damage, you may need to find a separate company to repair the wood framing before the siding job can resume. However if you are working with a company that is well versed in many aspects of home remodeling, these types of unforeseen difficulties will not pose as much of a challenge.

When you select a company to work on your home, consider the long term nature of the relationship. Just like a good tailor, mechanic or doctor, a good remodeling company can assist you for years to come, giving you peace of mind and quality work many times over.