Considering the vast number of home improvement companies out there in the market place today, it can be very tough to choose the "right" company. How do you know you are getting the right product, or the right price, or that the company knows how to properly install the product, or that they will still be there later if you need service. These are all important questions, but if approached logically, an educated consumer should be able to see through the clutter and select a company that will meet their needs and provide them with a preferred contractor for years to come.

There are many, many different home improvement products on the market today, literally dozens of choices for windows, siding and other popular projects. Certainly it is important to select the right product for your home at a price which fits into your budget. However, it is my opinion that before you ever get to the point where you make these choices, you first must find a contractor that you are comfortable with.

Having the right contractor makes all the difference in the world. A great product, installed wrong, will only leave a homeowner regretting the decision later. Likewise, a good product installed by a company with poor customer service can turn what should be a fun and exciting event for the homeowner into a nightmare. Therefore, choose carefully when you select a company to work on your home. A good contractor who you feel comfortable with will be able to guide you to the right product.

So how do you find the right contractor? Obviously you need to be sure that the basics are covered... do they have insurance, are they registered with the state and the EPA, what is their service policy, can they provide references and examples of similar projects? These are all very important questions that should have good answers that you are comfortable with.

Beyond all of this however, you need to look closely at a company's past and their commitment to the future. First you need to look at how long have they been in business? An extremely high percentage of new businesses fail in the first few years, and while we all want to help the underdog to make it, you sure don't want to be the last person to give a deposit to someone before they go under!

Second,what is their commitment to the business? Do they have a physical presence, an office where you can go to see examples of products and speak to a real person should you have a problem? Many fly by night type operations cannot be found once they leave your home, meaning it can be tough to get service should you need it. It is also a much easier decision to go out of business when you have not invested in these types of things.

Last, are they a local company or a branch office transplanted from somewhere else? In the past carpetbaggers have come into Pittsburgh from other states only to pull back out of town when business is slow, leaving customers stuck with no warranty and no service. In comparison, Pittsburgh is Legacy's hometown. It is no mistake that our colors are black and gold! We don't have another office to fall back on, we have been here for 24 years and our commitment is to this region and to being here for many years to come.