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Nixon Energy Efficient Window Company

Concerned about your family feeling a little too chilly or warm despite having a working HVAC system? It could be that you need window replacement. As windows age, the weathertight seals start to dry out and crack causing openings where air and moisture can enter.

If you don’t want to live with perpetual drafts and rattling glass, consider hiring a Nixon window company to provide new window installation. The window contractors at Legacy Remodeling are a trustworthy and dependable team. We’ll help you pick out the perfect Andersen Windows to compliment your home while also keeping the elements at bay.

A Full Range of Replacement Window Options for Nixon

When you are ready to upgrade your old windows, we’ll make the process as streamlined as possible to minimize stress. Our team keeps you in the loop with regular updates, and we’ll handle all the details of the installation. You can also expect top-notch service in all areas of this home remodel.

Window Installation by the Experts

Every window installation begins with an in-home consultation by one of our specialists. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about our products, the process, and get a free cost estimate too.

Top-Quality Andersen Windows

We use Andersen Windows with a range of premium features designed to improve energy efficiency. Make sure you check out our:

  • Composite or Fiberglass Frames
  • Low-E Glass
  • Argon & Krypton Gas Fill
  • Double- or Triple-Pane Glass

Warrantied Window Replacement

We also know that your windows are an investment of time and money, so they should last a long while. Andersen Windows provides a product warranty on damaged windows, and we also provide a 2-year craftsmanship warranty on window replacement.

Professional Window Contractors

Are you also looking for experts who know the ins and outs of every job, while also providing honest and ethical service? Our window contractors are a team you can trust with you home. They are fully certified, award-winning, and highly rated by previous satisfied customers.

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Contact Legacy Remodeling for energy efficient window replacement without the hassle. We’ll make sure your project goes quickly and easily. To begin with a free estimate from our Nixon window contractors, give us a call. Or you can fill out our online form to have us contact you.