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Bay Windows - Pittsburgh

If you’re looking for windows to add a unique design element alongside exceptional functionality, bay windows might be right for you. Their structure consists of a large picture window surrounded by smaller windows, creating a scenic focal point for you and your guests to admire. Bay windows can increase the apparent size of any room by extending beyond the walls of your home and allowing lots of natural light to filter in. These features also make the alcove of a bay window an ideal spot for your home garden.

Although they are most commonly found in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and dens, bay windows can accent any room you choose to put them in. The option to install operable flanking windows allows bay windows to provide ventilation as well, and we offer interior screens and sturdy locks on those to ensure your home’s security. At Legacy, we ensure that all our windows are manufactured exactly to the specifications of your home and only with the most durable materials.

Bay Window Replacement

At Legacy Remodeling, we will help you outfit your home with the elegant design it deserves without any of the hassle you’ve come to expect from other companies. We offer a very competitive bay window price for all of our projects, meaning we can also complete a high-quality, low-cost bay window replacement in your home.

If you’re looking for Pittsburgh replacement windows, we offer lots of additional options to customize your new bay windows. You can consider upgrading the style on your bay windows’ smaller windows, or installing window panes with higher energy efficiency. The experienced team at Legacy Remodeling can help you optimize your window project for style, form, and the Pittsburgh weather.

If you’ve decided bay windows are the right option for you, or you’re looking for a bay window replacement, just give us a quick call or fill out our quick online form today to receive your free, no-obligation estimate!