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Rankin Replacement Windows

With just 1,440 residents living in Rankin, homeowners usually have plenty of unobstructed views to take in around their properties. If you are interested in bringing more light and beauty into your home, whether it be a ranch style or an old farmhouse, Legacy Remodeling is here to make it happen. Our local Rankin window contractors help with the selection and design of the ideal windows to take full advantage of your views, fresh air, and sunshine.

Since 1987, Legacy Remodeling has served as the Pittsburgh area's premier home remodeling company. We have access to reliable, efficient window products and our contractors are fully trained and certified experts. Feel free to come to us for help with:

·  Vinyl Window Selection

·  Energy Efficient Windows

·  Casement Window Installation

·  Double Hung Window Installation

Why Choose Vinyl Windows?

We offer amazingly affordable vinyl windows for homeowners who are interested in cost-effective window installation. There are many reasons to consider vinyl for your property beyond the affordability. Vinyl is a flexible product available in a wide range of styles and shapes. Yet, it's also strong and durable enough to withstand the elements and UV rays. Find out more about our vinyl windows!

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

If you are thinking hard about increasing your home's energy efficiency, start by changing out the windows. We offer energy efficient windows with dual pane, gas fill, and a low-E coating to keep the sun's heat out. You'll find that upgrading with ENERGY STAR rated windows does a lot to lower your bills.

The Benefits of Casement Windows

Create a new look on your home exterior with attractive casement windows that swing open at the sides. A very streamlined design, these windows allow for unimpeded views outside, while still allowing you to let in the fresh air. You'll also enjoy the convenience of an easy opening and closing sash!

The Benefits of Double Hung Windows

It doesn't make sense that a traditional hung window should only open at the bottom, which is why we offer double hung windows. These windows feature an operable top and bottom sash so you can open one or both as you like. Let in lots of air or have an easier time cleaning the windows with this design.

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