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Hampton Township Energy Efficient Windows

For almost 30+ years, Legacy Remodeling has served as a premier Hampton Township window company. Our focus is on providing replacement windows that are energy efficient and airtight. Once installed, our Andersen Windows do a great job of protecting your home from the extreme heat and cold of different seasons.

When you have noticed a draft or want to improve your home’s efficiency, turn to us about new window installation. We offer many window styles and finishes with additional weather and UV resistant features.

Improving the Efficiency of Your Home

Many homeowners are surprised at how much of an impact their windows can have on the temperatures inside their properties. When those home windows are old, have deteriorated seals, and warped frames, they become drafty. Air seeps in around the frame and the glass bringing with it the heat, cold, and humidity from outside. 

If your windows are more than 10 years old getting window replacement may be a good way to improve your comfort in any weather.

Our Andersen Windows also come with a number of benefits and features, including energy-efficient options like:

  • Multiple frame materials, i.e. composite, wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and metal.
  • Custom-made windows with ENERGY STAR ratings.
  • Optional triple-pane glass with argon or krypton gas fill.
  • The use of Low-E glass to help block UV and infrared light.
  • An increased resistance to rot, decay, fungus, peeling, and flaking.
  • Complimentary cost estimates on all window installation services.
  • Award-winning window contractors with an A+ rating from the BBB.

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Are you looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency? Let our Hampton Township replacement window company show you how we can help you cut down on the utility bills. Give Legacy Remodeling a call to set up a free consultation right away. You can also fill out our online form to ask us about a free quote on any of our remodeling services.