pittsburgh-remodeling-companies.jpgReplacing a roof is extremely stressful and trying to vet a Pittsburgh roofing company to do the job can be overwhelming.

While there are many reputable roofing companies in Western PA, there are also roofers who are willing to lie just to take your money. In order to protect yourself, you’ve got to educate yourself. Here are five lies that Pittsburgh roofing companies may tell you in order to sell you a new roof.

One: You Don’t Have to Pay Your Deductible

If you filed a claim against your homeowner’s insurance for your new roof, you and you alone are responsible for paying that deductible. Roofers who say they will pay your deductible for you are engaging in fraud. Insurance scams are illegal and they are punishable by fines and even jail time. By telling you to avoid your deductible, the roofing company avoids having to meet the standards set by your insurance company. They will use shoddy materials and the quality of work may be below par. After they finish, they will pass you a bogus invoice outlining work they did not do or materials they did not use. When you submit that bill to the insurance company, you become complicit in fraud.

Two: You Must Pay Up Front

Professional contractors in good standing with their suppliers have a grace period of around 90 days in order to pay for materials. If a Pittsburgh roofing company tells you that you must pay for materials up front, or you must pay for the entire job up front, tell them thanks but no thanks. Anyone who asks for cash up front is either in poor standing with suppliers or they are a scammers looking to take your money and run.

Remember that a good faith deposit is standard, but under the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, the roofing company may not charge or accept a deposit in excess of 1/3 of the contract price, or 1/3 of the contract price plus the cost of special order materials.

Three: I Am Also An Insurance Adjuster

It is illegal for anyone who is not licensed as an insurance adjuster to act as an adjuster. There are roofers who will claim to act as an adjuster to get more money out of homeowners and insurance companies. Some home improvement companies do have licensed adjusters on staff who are available to help you as you file your claim, and those companies have roofers who work closely with the adjuster, which is legal, as long as the two professionals act separately. Be wary of anyone who claims to do it all themselves.

Four: You Must Pay Even If Your Insurance Company Says No

Contingency contracts are common in the roofing business, but you must be wary of the fine print. Legitimate contracts hinge on the approval of your insurance company and instantly become null and void if your insurer does not approve the work. This protects you from poor work and helps insulate against fraud.

Roofing scammers will tell you this is how they work, but they will include fine print that says the homeowner owns them $X amount regardless of what the insurance company says, or that the homeowner agrees to replace the roof at their own expense even if the insurance company turns it down.

Five: Our Prices Are the Lowest in Town

Be instantly wary of someone who submits a bid that is significantly lower than the rest. Nefarious Pittsburgh roofing companies will bid extremely low just to get the contract. They begin the work as scheduled, and suddenly things go awry. The contractor may claim an increase in materials costs or they may claim to find hidden damage. Some contractors will go so far as to remove the roof and refuse to finish working until the homeowner pays the bloated fess. By the time it’s over, the homeowner pays far more than they were ever expecting.

If you are looking to replace your roof, and you are searching for a trusted Pittsburgh roofing company, Legacy Remodeling is here to help.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about our track record, our quality of work, and the ways in which a new roof can help add value to your home.