real-replacement-windows.jpgWhether or not a homeowner invests in replacement windows often comes down to one determining factor: cost.

With so many options and conflicting information on the internet, however, it can be difficult for homeowners to understand just how to estimate the cost of replacement windows. To help you sort through the information, we have put together this guide to help you navigate the process.

Check Your Window Frames

Before you can estimate the cost of a replacement window project, you need to know what’s happening with your window frames. If they are rotting, they must be replaced. Examine each frame for signs of rot including cracking and softness to the touch. If the frames appear to be in good shape, you might be able to get away with installing new glass only, which can yield significant cost savings. However, if the entire window and frame must be removed down to the studs and replaced, add an additional estimated $50 to $100 per window to your installation costs.

Typical Window Replacement Costs

The type of window you choose will have the biggest impact on the cost of the project. Keep in mind as you look through this list that these prices are estimations and costs will vary depending up on the manufacturer you choose, and the features of the window. As you shop, remember to weigh the benefits of replacement windows against the cost.
  • Standard, Double-Hung Vinyl: These windows can range between $400 and $700 per window, and are the most popular type of replacement window on the market.
  • Wood Windows: These can range between $800-$1,000 per installation. These windows also may require more maintenance. Homeowners in historic areas may be bound by ordinance to use wood windows.
  • Dual-Pane, Low-E Gas: Add $40-$55 per square foot. Depending on the window size and thickness, the average market value for dual-glazed, double hung windows ranges from $150-$1,000.
  • Trim: In many cases, existing STOPS (the interior trim around the window frame) can be reused. New STOPS cost around $5-10 per linear foot.
  • Installation/Labor: The cost of the installation can vary significantly. Estimate anywhere from $75 to $150 or more per window, depending on the amount of work required.

Window Style and Shape

There are options when it comes to window styles, and they can impact total cost. Standard widows will always be a more economical choice, but custom styles are often more visually appealing.
  • Casement windows are more expensive than the standard double hung window, but they provide a clean view and also allow more natural light into the home. They also are easy to open and close for those who may have trouble with those tasks.
  • Geometric shapes or other unique windows will also cost extra, than standard windows.

Window Warranties

When you make your budget for your window replacement project, make sure you factor in warranty coverage. Windows should come with at least a limited warranty included – avoid any that do not. However, some companies allow you to purchase extended warranties. There are pros and cons to purchasing extended warranties, so consider all sides before making a decision. You might wish to choose a window with a longer included warranty, which could increase the price per window.

It can be difficult to accurately estimate the cost of a replacement window project without speaking to a professional. Because there are so many variables, only by sending someone out to your home to take measurements and work with you to understand your goals and needs, can you truly determine how much a project like this will cost. If you are ready to estimate the cost of replacement windows in your Western Pennsylvania home, contact Legacy Remodeling in Pittsburgh today to schedule a consultation.