Today's topic in the remodeling blog is those retailers who represent one particular manufacturer. In most cases these are companies that have a retail division and which also manufacture the product they sell, although there are examples of businesses that utilize a franchise model as well and are therefore tightly linked to the manufacturer of the product they sell.

In most cases, these companies will claim to be able to offer a better price, due to the fact that the retailer is getting their product directly from the plant. However a closer look would reveal that this approach may not be the best for the customer.

First of all, the idea of a lower price due to the relationship between the retail operation and the plant is largely a myth. Most large remodeling companies, like Legacy Remodeling, are able to purchase materials directly from manufacturer's. This means that in terms of pricing, there will be a fairly even playing field for the price of comparable materials.

However, pricing is not the only important consideration when selecting the right product and company for your home. When looked at from this angle, it becomes apparent that it is more advantageous to deal with a specialty remodeler. A good knowledgeable remodeling company will be able to offer several different products from different manufacturer's and through working with the homeowner, help them in selecting the right one for them.

A specialty remodeling company will be able to find the product that is the best fit for a homeowner, while the manufacturer outlet is beholden to one company and can not offer the wide selection of products. The manufacturer direct retailer must tell you that their product is best, because it is all they can offer. Would you really want to try to fit a square peg into a round hole, or would you want to pick the product that is really right for your home.