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Soffits & Fascia - Pittsburgh

Legacy Remodeling is committed to helping you maintain every part of your Pittsburgh area home, including the soffits & fascia. The soffit is the exposed surface under the overhanging part of the roof. As an underside, it can be easy to neglect—however, soffits that have fallen into disrepair can create serious problems for your home’s ventilation and insulation. A vinyl soffit can help resist water and draw moisture away from the attic, helping prevent rot and mold.

Fascia also commonly experiences damage that goes unfixed. The fascia of a roof is a vertical edge that connects to the ends of the roof. In addition to helping protect your roof against water damage, it also smooths out the appearance of your roof’s edge.

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At Legacy Remodeling, we will replace your worn soffits & fascia efficiently and thoroughly. We offer a variety of styles and colors, which our helpful design team will work through with you to determine the perfect new soffits & fascia for your home.

We’ve been a professional remodeling company in the Pittsburgh area since 1987. Our knowledge of the Pittsburgh weather patterns and proven record of customer satisfaction make Legacy Remodeling the best company to perform your soffits & fascia installation.

If your soffits & fascia are wearing down, don’t wait to get them replaced! Call Legacy Remodeling today or fill out our quick online form for your free quote.

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