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What your roof does for the top of your home, siding does for your walls. That means you should spend just as much time considering all of your home siding options as you do your roofing options. The right product should provide your home with some serious curb appeal, but it should also protect your home from the unpredictable weather in Upper St. Clair.

There’s no better choice than Hardie Board from Legacy Remodeling. We proudly offer James Hardie siding in Upper St. Clair because we’re extremely confident in its durability and beauty. It’s so durable and beautiful, in fact, that it has been listed as the number one home siding solution by Remodeling magazine for homeowners who are looking for the greatest return on their investment.

What makes Hardie Board so different from other siding materials?

  • The fiber cement siding is specially Engineered for Climate®, making it more durable than vinyl and wood
  • ColorPlus® Technology resists fading and looks like new for longer than other siding options
  • Multiple styles and colors are specially created to add interest and architectural details to your home

Cement Board Siding Install

Vinyl siding is popular because it is cost-effective, but it isn’t the best choice if you want superior protection from wind, rain, and snow. The James Hardie siding in Upper St. Clair is specially made for extreme weather, reducing the possibility of cracking.

A cement board siding install can withstand the worst-case weather scenario, which means you never have to worry about your siding failing when you need it most.

If you’re ready for new home siding, choose a cement board siding install by giving the Upper St. Clair home improvement experts at Legacy Remodeling a call and allowing us to provide you with a free, personalized quote.