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Custom LuxStone® Showers Built By Kohler
Take your shower to the next level with innovative shower systems designed for durability, easy cleaning, and a luxurious bathing experience.


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Step into Luxury with our Stunning Showers

Kohler’s LuxStone Showers Systems use expert design to enhance any bathroom.

  • Industry-Leading Technology
  • Strong, durable materials designed to fit your lifestyle
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Walk-In Showers

Timeless Style Meets Innovative Technology

  • Custom Styling. Choose from our diverse selection of doors and glass options to create the look that complements your style and protects your shower.
  • Unparalleled Function. Using air induction and full-coverage technology, our showers produce larger water droplets that retain their heat longer than standards showers, giving you an unparalleled showering experience.
  • Seamless Fit. Our Kohler-Certified installers provide hassle-free installations with a seamless fit, so you can be sure your shower is built to last.
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Safety and Style Showers

Excellence from Start to Finish

When you work with Legacy Remodeling, our process is simple. Our team will work to design the right Kohler shower or bath for you, so you can enjoy your space for years to come. 

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luxstone LuxStone Tile Tile fiber Fiberglass granite Granite acrylic Acrylic
inexpensiveEasy to Install
low maintenancelow maintenance

Design Inspiration

Mix and match KOHLER LuxStone Shower Walls, bases, fixtures and accessories to bring your dream shower to life. Start your design inspiration here.

Modern Farm House

Modern Farm House

A minimalist look with impact—solid white walls and storage accessories make a Polished Chrome showerhead pop. Choose from a variety of spray experiences to enhance your shower routine.

Classical Decadence

Classical Decadence

An energizing white background with bold gray striations sets a dramatic tone while washing the space in light. Neutral accessories and a dash of Brushed Nickel create a feeling of weightlessness, like resting on a cloud.

Simple Traditional

Simple Traditional

A light and airy ambience with muted neutrals and crisp brushed metal hardware creates a soothing space. Add storage that seamlessly blends into the space for an uninterrupted, tranquil feel.

Urban Organic

Urban Organic

This cosmopolitan combination includes White Brick LuxStone Shower Walls coupled with dark, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures that make a statement.