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Replacement Windows in Pittsburgh

When you’re talking windows, you’re speaking our language!

Legacy installing Replacement Windows

Legacy Remodeling offers you customized window choices at the most competitive prices around!

Because we’re not tied to a single manufacturer, we’re able to find the best replacement windows in Pittsburgh for your home at the best possible price. Because of our size, we can pass the factory direct volume discounts and cost savings from our manufacturers directly to you.

Benefits of Legacy Remodeling Windows

  • Windows that exceed Energy Star’s performance guidelines
  • Expert installation by factory-trained technicians
  • Exclusive “Lifetime No Service Charge Warranty”
  • American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association Certified Personnel on staff
  • 27% more viewing area than other replacement windows
  • Full frame window replacement available

Types of Replacement Windows & Window Styles

Legacy Remodeling offers a full range of window styles to best enhance the look of your home. Styles include:

  • Slider Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Storm Windows
  • Basement Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Projected Frame Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Specialty/Ornamental Windows

Major factors to keep in mind with your Pittsburgh replacement window remodel are the frame material, visibility, and overall energy efficiency. The most common window frames are made of vinyl, wood, or fiberglass. Each type will require a different level of maintenance and contribute differently to the energy efficiency of a building. Homeowners should also be aware that replacement windows can reduce the area of visibility along the edge of the windows by several inches, so picking out a window with narrower frames can allow more light to enter the home while allowing a larger view of the outdoors.

Energy Star Windows for Increased Savings

Virtually all of our windows carry the Energy Star designation*. When you see it, you’re really seeing the cash your family will save! The Department of Energy estimates the average American household spends $1500 – $2500 every year on energy bills, with 45% heading out the door (literally!) for heating and cooling costs. Legacy Remodeling installed Energy Star replacement windows will perform, seal, and beautify your home, while making your dollars go farther!

* This designation comes from the National Fenestration Rating Council in conjunction with the US Department of Energy. To qualify for an Energy Star label, residential windows must be NFRC certified and pass a rigorous certification program.

There are many different types of materials and glass that are used in the manufacturing of windows. Below are the five factors that affect a window’s performance and Energy Star rating:

  • U-factor – This measures how well a window prevents heat from escaping. The lower the number, the better insulated the window will be.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient – This measures how well a window blocks sunlight. The lower the number on the label, the less heat it will allow into your home.
  • Visible transmittance – This measures how much light goes through a window. The higher the number, the more sunlight that will go into your home.
  • Air leakage – This measures how much air escapes through a window. The lower the number, the more efficient a window will be.
  • Condensation resistance – This measures the ability of a window to resist condensation on its interior. The higher the number, the less condensation your window will have.

The graphic below shows how Legacy’s Restorations windows perform compared to our competitors.

energy efficiency U Factor


Legacy Remodeling is proud to be the Pittsburgh area’s exclusive dealer for the top of the line Restorations replacement windows. Our installation experts are brand-certified for each of our products, including:

  • Restoration Windows
  • Andersen Windows
  • Pella Windows
  • Simonton Windows
  • Marvin Windows
  • And more

Legacy Remodeling is also excited to be Western Pennsylvania’s provider for the new Beechworth Windows by James Hardie. These high efficiency windows are unlike any other products on the market. Composed of durable fiberglass and a real wood interior, Beechworth Windows combine durability, strength, and efficiency with beautiful aesthetics and reliability. Find out more here.

Glass Options

For any of our window styles, there are several double pane and triple pane glass systems to choose from:

  • Ultra-U VSS Glass System is a 7/8″ overall dual glazed insulated glass unit featuring Ultra-U Plus glass, which consists of eight layers of high performance reflective metallic shields, the XLEdge spacer system, and an air space filled with high density argon gas.
  • Ultra-U Plus12™ Glass System is a dual-glazed insulated glass unit featuring Ultra-U Plus12 glass, which consists of 12 layers of high performance reflective metal shields, the MAXEdge™ spacer system, and an air space filled with high density argon gas.
  • UltraAr90™ Glass System is a triple glazed insulated glass unit made up of two panes of Ultra-U Plus glass, a third pane of sound absorbing glass and the XLEDGE spacer system. Both air spaces are then filled with Argon90™ gas.
  • Ultra Kr90 Glass System is a 7/8″ overall triple glazed insulated glass unit made up of two panes of Ultra-U Plus glass, a third pane of sound absorbing glass and the XLEdge Spacer. Both air spaces are then enhanced with Krypton90 gas.
  • SunClean Self-Cleaning Glass is a permanent titanium dioxide layer that is part of the outer Ultra-U Plus glass surface. After installation, the Sun’s ultraviolet rays break down dirt and debris on the glass, which rain will then wash away. Best of all there’s no spotting or streaking, and it’s powered by nature.
  • SunSmart Glass System is a 7/8″ overall triple-glazed insulated glass unit made up of one pane of Ultra-U Plus glass, one pane of SunClean Self-Cleaning glass, a third pane of sound absorbing glass and the XLEdge Spacer. Both air spaces are filled with high density argon gas.

Color Options

Window color options

Window Remodeling Consultation

To help clients achieve the optimal look and energy savings from their windows, we will send our professional remodeling consultants to your home for a professional consultation. After seeing where the windows will be placed, our consultants can provide recommendations for window styles and materials to best take advantage of the space and theme of the home.


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