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Legacy porch construction
Your home’s porch should be more than an afterthought. After all, your porch may be the first impression your home gives to your guests.

Pittsburgh porch builders can help you create a functional and appealing porch that looks like it was part of your home from the start. Our front and back porch options will help create a more appealing transition between the outdoors and your home. And our in-house designer will develop custom exterior renderings, enabling you to immediately see how your new porch will affect the look of your home. And if at any time you’re unsure of your new porch design, our consultants and designers are available to make sure that you’re on board before we lay the first, well, board.

All you have to do is bring us your vision. We’ve got the rest covered. From a simple entryway to a complex outdoor porch complete with windows, doors, and siding, we’ll do our absolute best to bring it to beautiful life.

Are you looking to improve upon a patio feature or existing front landing? Legacy is there to add curb appeal to your home with a porch roof or create a custom patio cover to maximize your outdoor living space. Our designers are experts at working with existing outdoor space foundations and designing solutions that work with the style of your home while adding value and function.

Contact Legacy today to see what options are available to you, for your home’s new custom porch.

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